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Passionated FC United supporter from Wittenberg, near Berlin and co-founder of this blog. He travels several times a season over to Manchester to watch FC and has already written an article in the official FC United match day programme (Why I love FC United) Furthermore he organises individual football trips to Great Britain for all interested people in Europe on Football Flight.

Celtic closes Green Brigade section for “safety reasons”

Celtic F.C. has decided to close the 111 section where Green Brigade stand during matches. The section has been closed because of “safety reasons”. According to Celtic, some of the problems have been overcrowding section, 190 broken seats and fans refusing to sit during matches.

Another example of a bad communication between football club and their fans. The clubs goes the easiest way and simply close the stand to get rid of “the problem”.

The people has done it – Schalke quits contract with Viagogo

Schalke 04 has recalled their contract with Viagogo surprisingly after just eight days. After massive fan protests at the end of June, a voting at today’s annual general meeting has taken place and a vast majority has voted to quit the contract with the ticket marketplace.

The football supporter has reclaimed a piece of their club, read more about the topic:
In German the press
About ViaNOgo (protest movement against Viagogo)

Why I love FC United – by Erik Kunert

My first contact with Man Utd was playing an Amiga game called “Manchester United Europe”, when I was a 6-year old boy back in 1995. Since then, I was dreaming of a live match at Old Trafford. Ten years later, my dad and I were traveling over for our very first time by train to Manchester. After a 23 hours journey we saw the Red Devils drawing goalless in their disappointing Champions League campaign. Nevertheless definitely the most magic 90 mins of my life. Then, I noticed that my beloved club was about 1.500km away from my hometown. As great as my first visit was for me, I was wondering about the rare chants from the all-seating stands, about not being able to drink at European cup matches and about high ticket prices. Continue reading

Warm welcome to all FC United fans all over the globe

This blog is intended to spread some words to all over the world about our supporter owned Football Club United of Manchester.

Everyone is welcome to read and contribute around all FC related stuff.

So hoist up the John B’s sail,
See how the mainsail sets,
Call for the captain ashore,
Let me go home, let me go home,
I wanna go home, I wanna go hooo-oo-ome,
This is the worst trip I’ve ever been on.