FC United i Leifbys Big Ten

[English] Leifbys Big Ten is a big Web-TV-show in Sweden and in their second season they visited Manchester for the Manchester-derby but also managed to cover FC United About 7-8 minutes of FC United can be found in this video (and also an interview with yours truly). The part about FC United starts around 13.10. There is an interview in english in it and also a lot of nice songs of course.

[Svenska] I Leifbys Big Ten, säsong 2, avsnitt 7, åkte Kalle Karlsson till Manchester för att följa Manchester-derbyt. De tog sig dock också till Bury och gjorde ett reportage om FC United. Delen om FC United börjar 13.10 och ni kan även se en intervju med undertecknad kring ca 15.40. Mycket sång, lite historia och även lite Rhodri Giggs. Håll till godo!

Leifbys Big Ten: http://tv.aftonbladet.se/webbtv/sport/fotboll/leifbys-big-ten/article10365.ab

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Linus lives in Uppsala, Sweden and attended his first FC United-match in 2009. He then called his father back home to say that "This is what real english football culture sounds like". Ever since then FC United has been a progressively growing drug and Linus is trying his best to spread the word of the "FC United way" both in Sweden and internationally.

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