Goodbye Sweden, Hello Denmark!

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Now I’ve finally left Sweden! Sweden didn’t give me a very nice send-off though. Just when I was about to board the ferry a wasp stung my ear. Thank you universe!

Even so the best news so far is that we reached the target for 10000 SEK just before I left Sweden and still going strong I decided to raise the bar to 20000 SEK. I’m pretty confident that we can do it and if not 10000+ is still a great achievement. You can donate here!

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The last few days I’ve biked on the swedish west coast, met a really friendly guy who gave me free ice cream and sandwiches, tried coach surfing for the very first time, met a japanese globe trotter, ditched my tent and some other stuff, revisited childhood memories of danish beaches and the smell of salt water and finally I visited my danish friend Nanna whom I met in Cuba.

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Above we have Magnus who gave me free ice cream and sandwiches! Good lad!

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Ditched my tent at a mother of a friend. If you read this Katti, thank you so much for the Ramløsa and the breakfast! 🙂

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Kent and his wife hosted me in Båstad. Lovely couple and a great first couch surfing-experience!

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Nakamishu, the japanese bicycle rider. He even had a printed card! Amazing guy!

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Nanna was part of our scan(dinavian)-gang in Cuba and became a very dear friend to me. It’s amazing how you can meet people you click with in an instance and how it can feel so natural to hang out a month later.


So nice to be able to meet you again, Nanna! She’s a great musician as well, like her Facebook page and check her music out here:

She had cooked some wonderful vegetarian food as well. When you come to Uppsala, I will be sure to return the favor!

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The next few days will see me leaving Denmark and entering Germany. Soon the bike ride has reached it’s halfway-mark and I’m still feeling OK. A little bit problems with my back but hopefully it will sort itself out in a few days or so.

See you later!

Donation count: 10400/10000 SEK

Kilometer count: 591 + (104.5 + 114 + 101) = 910.5 km




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