Uppsala – Stockholm

I arose early in the morning feeling stiff as a 90 year old. I quickly asked myself, was this really a good idea? The doubt in my mind was only temporary though and I soon found myself in the saddle, ready to go. I started at 8.30 already feeling that this was going to be a hot day as the temperature was already above 25 degrees Celsius!

The first 20k was mostly gravel though and I had to stop several times to figure out my route and of course I also took the wrong path a few times. I also started feeling a not-so-good sensation in my knee caps but luckily that went away a few kilometers later.

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Stopped in Knivsta (which actually translates to Knifetown in english, didn’t see any knives though) and reloaded with some fruits and yoghurt. After that everything just went smooth. In Sollentuna I found a bike store and bought a bike shirt and a rain jacket. Also got my tires pumped and that was needed. I hadn’t done such a good job of it myself apparently.

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Getting into Stockholm wasn’t all that easy due to a lot of road work but after a while I found myself in the city centre and visited a store where I had reserved a tent for my journey. That was when I discovered that I had lost my biking shirt (had attached it to my saddle bags but once more hadn’t done the work properly). Well, shit happens, you just gotta roll with it (no pun intended).


When I had almost reached my destination I ran into a friend I had met in Cuba. The world is pretty small after all. We had a good chat and promised each  other to meet up for a reunion later this fall.


Now I’m finally at my final destination for the day and have even been able to sneak in a trip to the cinema. Good day and don’t forget to donate! 😉

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Donation count: 1800/10000 SEK
Kilometer count: 82 km

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Linus lives in Uppsala, Sweden and attended his first FC United-match in 2009. He then called his father back home to say that "This is what real english football culture sounds like". Ever since then FC United has been a progressively growing drug and Linus is trying his best to spread the word of the "FC United way" both in Sweden and internationally.

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