Andy Walsh interviewed in MEN

Here’s a great interview with Andy Walsh about the historic landmark we have acheived.

““I did get a bit emotional,” admitted Walsh. “That was because it is so important to be in Manchester. We are Mancs and it is the values of this city and its cultural and political history that have driven us to where we are.””

“He added: “Our priority is to run the best democratically-owned football club in the country. If a consequence of that is that we attract more people and better players and if a consequence of that is that we move up they pyramid then good. We will face some difficult questions. Do we go full-time? There are exciting decisions to come and I think the crowds will go up at Moston. This club, as we have said from the start, will go as the supporters want it to.””

The Guardian’s article about our FC

Manchester’s other United are happy living in a very different world

It is too easy to paint FC United as the Rebels. That was never a nickname they chose and it is a poor fit when the majority of their fans still have a strong affinity to the club they left behind.

(The Guardian 16th Nov, 13)

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Shining example of Fan participation in Italy

I heard about this fan group a few months ago and along with many other fan groups across Italy and Europe they are starting to show that football fans can and need to get involved – partly inspired by FC United…. here is there story………………..Lucca United

Q & A with Stefano Galligani of Lucca United -Supporters Trust  of AS LUCCHESE LIBERTAS1905

Q. Can you tell us in England how Lucca United came about and it’s relationship with AS LUCCHESE LIBERTAS 1905

A. Unfortunately our club was demoted twice from League 1 for financial problems and irregularities, first time in 2008 and again in 2011 when  we had just regained League 1 after two promotions in a row. In 2011 the club had to restart from the 6th tier of Italian football and we decided that we   had to play a more active role  and needed to have our word in the matter.  We founded our cooperative in November 2011 and we currently have some 400 members.

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