The Long and winding Road

No apology for using a Beatles line to describe our journey to Moston.

3 years ago we thought there was to be a home for FC in Newton Heath -the birthplace of Manchester United, but a mixture of circumstances and big business conspired against us and in a very stressful and angry meeting we discovered our dream was to be put on hold.

But our board and broader membership do not give up easily especially when it comes to finding a permanent new home. Working closely with a very compliant Manchester Council, before long a short list of potential new sites was examined and Broadhurst Park in  Moston was deemed the pick of the pack. After several years and judicial reviews we have finally commenced work and with any luck will start the 2014 season in our new home.

Only a handful of people -Andy Walsh and Adam Brown being two of them will ever know just how demanding the last 2/3 years have been and how close we came to not realising our dream. Every FC fan today and over the coming years owes a huge debt of thanks for their indefatigability-or sheer bloody mindedness for never losing sight of the dream and constantly confronting complex issues head on and seeking ways around, over and under issues which would of defeated lesser people.

The day our team walk out on our pitch inside our stadium will be one of mind numbing emotion for all of us who have shared the journey -and pride will pour from every atom of our beings.

We are FC UNITED OF MANCHESTER-and doing the impossible runs through our DNA.

So anyone who has the privilege of visiting- do all of us owners the honour of sharing the passion by opening your mouths and contributing to what we hope and believe will be a very special home for a very special club!


Now we build our own ground – more videos from the dig

First off is a short film from FCUM.TV of that special Spade in the Ground moment that took place in Moston on 17th November 2013 – Its one small spade for FC, one big shovel for Punk football

And I must say. That first spade in the ground was kind of symbolic for FC. There has been a lots of gravel and stone on the road but never did that stop the momentum and passion. We just keep digging. And now we build our own ground!

Then there’s another FANtastic video from Jon Clegg:


Can you dig it?