Rochdale – FC United remembered (a story about emotions)

Numerous studies have shown that the most vivid memories we have tend to be of emotional events. For instance, I can hardly remember what I had for dinner a few days back or where I left my keys just moments ago, but I will always remember where I was when I heard that the Twin Towers had been attacked or when I heard that my uncle had become seriously ill in another country far, far away. It’s not only that we remember that the event occured – the events themselves are likely to be recalled more often and with more clarity and detail than neutral events. We remember not only where we were, but also lots of other small details. A strong emotional response thus heightens memory retention. Now why am I talking about emotions and memory on a blog about FC United?

Well, another way to look at it is that if we remember something very clearly it is probably an evidence to the case that the event which we remember meant something to us emotionally. I have discovered that one of the things that tends to create a lot of these salient memories for me is football. And I know I’m not alone in this. This I see as an objective fact and evidence for how much football can mean to us all.

One of these salient memories took place in Uppsala, Sweden. I was sharing a flat with two girls and at the time they were both out on some errand or something. I remember exactly where the small 22-inch TV-screen was located and I still can feel the green worn-down couch I was sitting in. It was the first time FC United had ever been shown on swedish television and when Norton scored that OT-goal I was down on my knees screaming (a few minutes later praising the fact that my friends were out). The fact that FC already meant so much to me emotionally that it had heightened my memory retention enough to create a salient memory of the event I attribute to one thing: FC was something special from the start.

Enough of my rambling, to celebrate the fact that FC United created and continue to create salient memories for us all, here is a compilation of videos from that special night in Rochdale:


First half:

Second half:

A view from the stands (injury time winner)

Post-game celebrations

And for you lazy buggers here’s a highlight:

Please, feel free to register (read how here) and share your memory of that night!

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Linus lives in Uppsala, Sweden and attended his first FC United-match in 2009. He then called his father back home to say that "This is what real english football culture sounds like". Ever since then FC United has been a progressively growing drug and Linus is trying his best to spread the word of the "FC United way" both in Sweden and internationally.

2 thoughts on “Rochdale – FC United remembered (a story about emotions)

  1. Firstly, your comments about family and the match were genuinely moving, Linus. I remember every nano-second of that night from meeting mates in The Monkey in town to losing our coach after the game. At 2-2 I was hoping we could hold on for the replay, screaming at Jerome to hold the ball but, what do I know, he played Norton in for the winner. Afterwards a Norwegian tv crew interviewed us (I can’t imagine they broadcasted it, we were pretty wrecked.) Just this afternoon I was telling a woman from Rochdale about that night! You’re right, it was unforgettable!

  2. Thank you for your comment Mark!

    It sounded like you had a most amazing night and that the theory applied to you as well that night 🙂 Hell, if you told a woman from Rochdale about that night maybe you want to tell your story here on the blog? We would be happy to publish your contribution 🙂

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