A remedy for the anxious ones

Tomorrow we start the new season away at Worksop. The excitement for the first match of the season is always a special kind of excitement. I would say it’s about the closest thing grown up men and women can come to reliving the experiences they had as children on christmas day – this time the unbearable feeling of anticipation combined with extreme giddiness can only get it’s release by a “Bring on United”-chant followed by our boys walking in on the turf.

So how do we cope until then? By watching some of the best goals of 2012/13 of course:

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Linus lives in Uppsala, Sweden and attended his first FC United-match in 2009. He then called his father back home to say that "This is what real english football culture sounds like". Ever since then FC United has been a progressively growing drug and Linus is trying his best to spread the word of the "FC United way" both in Sweden and internationally.

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