The Romance of Football…

… is a newly founded Facebook-page that concentrates on the other side of football, the side that doesn’t concern rich owners, all-seating stadiums and massive rises in ticket price. This other side is about the romance of football, that is the community aspect to it, the underdogs that surprise everyone, the team that never wins but plays anyway because they love it etc. Here is an example of the latter, linked by Ruud van de Graaf, the founder of “The Romance of Football”.

Ruud will also be joining us and hopefully we’ll see a few blog posts from him in the future.

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About Linus Lind

Linus lives in Uppsala, Sweden and attended his first FC United-match in 2009. He then called his father back home to say that "This is what real english football culture sounds like". Ever since then FC United has been a progressively growing drug and Linus is trying his best to spread the word of the "FC United way" both in Sweden and internationally.

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  1. Thank you for your comment. A club like FC United deserves support from all over the world for what they are doing for their club and football as a whole.

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