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Living in Poynton, close to Manchester, Rick is a co-founder of FC United of Manchester. He works at the Main Stand Bar at almost every home game and if you see him in the stand you'll hear him scream as loud as anyone. Rick has also been involved in greeting international visitors and hosting several pub crawls and dinners for FC United-fans from all over the world, making a lots of friends in the process.

Italian Sloop John B. tribute

[English] This video was produced by a group of Italian fans celebrating our first game ever at Leek csob in 2005. This is why they have the inflatable dinghy which we had in the crowd at that first game. Some guys even came over for a game and we shared a memorable freezing day travelling over to Boston – the video was made in 2008

[Italiano] In un mondo del calcio sempre più indecente, i Media parlano solo delle solite squadre: ci vogliono far credere che ormai esistono solo quelle. A tutte le altre e’ ormai stato assegnato un ruolo di semplici e talvolta scomode comparse. Noi Granata siamo i primi a non dover cadere nel loro tranello; al tentativo di piegarci al loro sistema, bisogna reagire! Ci vogliono far credere che ha senso tifare per una squadra di calcio solo se in questa militano grandi e ultramilionari campioni… Vogliono così fiaccare la passione di chi non si può permettere un brasiliano da 20 goal a stagione in squadra. Vogliono che un domani i nostri figli siano seduti su una poltrona a tifare per le “solite”… Questo è il loro obbiettivo, non dobbiamo arrenderci! Abbiamo la fortuna di non far parte del loro carrozzone e la possibilità di vivere una passione vera per una squadra che ha un fascino, una leggenda e dei valori che i loro quattrini non potranno comprare MAI. Nonostante sul campo le cose vadano troppo spesso nel verso sbagliato… Abbiamo tanti altri motivi per cui gioire, godere e vivere forti emozioni… Ritroviamo quindi la forza e la convinzione per alzarci ogni domenica mattina e andare in giro per l’Italia con ogni mezzo urlando al cielo che il TORO non morirà MAI!

cheers guys -Rick/politico

How did we get here

Fanatics-Spectators-Observers or Customers

It is sad that in the UK and probably elsewhere across Europe you have to be a certain age to recall when times were so much simpler-and cheaper, when going to watch a game simply meant turning up on the day with a bit of cash and a lot of passion.

So where and when did things start to change and why.

How did simple fans evolve into the various brackets of sub-species, that I see at Champions League level-you know like at Real Madrid, Barcelona or Bayern Munich where a small group, typically a couple of thousand young passionate flag waving ultra’s, for want of a better term are positioned behind the goal to add a little colour and noise to what is a global event. They are treated like old fashioned performing monkey’s in a 1980’s circus –just something to appease the purists that at least a few genuine local fans are still allowed permission to participate in what has now become little more than a global corporate junket.

This sad and pathetic state of affairs has not happened overnight I rely on other contributors from across Europe or further afield to share their stories of the changing face of football support –what I will try to do here is tell you mine-A Mancunian’s tale. I will try to keep it brief !

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FC’s tour of Germany 2013

FC United end of Season Tour 2013-v Babelsberg and Dynamo Dresden (cxl)

In January the news came through after numerous rumours that we were once again going to arguably our favourite European destination- Germany.

Three years after a memorable –well if you are able to-weekend in Hamburg and after another exciting but ultimately disappointing climax in Tier 7 the weekend that 500 or so FC fans had been eagerly anticipating had finally arrived.

Football is a great door opener –if you are prepared to give it a little nudge-a couple of years earlier Erik Kunert and one of his mates had found their way into the Main Stand Inn where I carry out the not so difficult task of opening numerous bottles of Starpraumen and Humdinger for thirsty FC’ers.

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